Christian author Tom Gilson expounds on the significance of Jesus’ resurrection. He said that only through it can the world make sense of purpose, justice, and hope.

For his commentary post for Easter, the “Too Good To Be False: How Jesus’ Incomparable Character Reveals His Reality,” author claims that Jesus’ resurrection is “the only thing that lets life make sense.” Below is a summary of his compelling explanation.

“Everyone but the most pessimistic agrees there is purpose to life.”

Starting with “purpose,” Gilson declares that Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection for mankind is a demonstration of God’s infinite love. He wanted them “to have a place in His great plan.”

“We are forever sorts of people, so our actions matter forever. What we do for others will last forever. Now, that sounds like genuine purpose to me,” wrote Gilson.

This was in response to what he has heard from atheists who embraced the “purposeless beginning and purposeless end” outlook in life.

“‘I can create my own purpose,’ they say. Usually they explain it as ‘living a full and meaningful life, and helping others.’ I say, ‘Sure, but then in a blink of an eye it’s over. The same eye blink soon catches up with the others we’ve helped along the way,'” comments Gilson.

The Ohio-based columnist also takes a jab at Eastern religion’s assumptions like the concept of reincarnations until one reaches “Nirvana.”

“But Nirvana isn’t paradise,” he pointed out. “In Nirvana your individuality is extinguished, your personality is absorbed. Your purpose, then, is to