Recently I received the book “The Bible & Ancient Science,” then I heard about a group study book, “Science & Christianity.”

In “The Bible & Ancient Science: Principles of Interpretation,” Denis O. Lamoureux starts by explaining his journey through Christianity.

When he became a Christian as an adult, Lamoureux said, he was curious about the origin of humans. He found that most Christian beliefs about creation could be divided into three categories: young Earth creation, which says the Earth is about 6,000 years old; progressive creation, where God miraculously created living organisms at different times during the 4.6 billion-year history of the Earth and the “days” of Genesis are “periods of time”; and theistic evolution or evolutionary creation, which states God used evolution to create the universe and life, and the Bible reveals spiritual truths and not scientific facts about origins.

He said he started with belief in young Earth creation and as