How can Christians support Trump? Can they honestly believe he shares our core values as followers of Christ?

He is not compassionate. We’ve heard his rhetoric against immigrants and continual name calling. We saw his administration ripping children from their parents and caging them and heard him calling fallen soldiers suckers and losers. Yet, he said he has never had to ask God for forgiveness!

His now over 20,000 documented lies have been the source of pain, division and “fake news.” Cornell University analyzed 38,000,000 articles about the pandemic and concluded Trump was the largest driver of misinformation about coronavirus. This continual dishonesty should disturb any citizen contemplating a vote for the most powerful office on the planet.

He lacks humility. He does not care about the sick or poor. His tax cuts have shown to be far more beneficial for the top 20% earners. His charitable foundation was shut down because money that was given to help the sick and poor was instead used for his benefit. Does condoning white supremacists, stoking racial wars, and committing adultery on his wives line up with Jesus’ teachings?

This passage speaks for itself: 2 Timothy 3:1-5

“There will be terrible