As a faithful, committed Christian, I am saddened by the decline of Christianity in America. Christians often point to R rated movies, trashy television, the removal of the Bible from schools, and abortion, as the major reasons for decline. Though it is possible that those items may have had a small part in the decline of Christianity, it is likely that the biggest culprit is the attitudes of Christians in America.

I recently interviewed a lady over 60 who has little sympathy for Christians or Christianity. I questioned Cindy (not her real name) why she was not a church goer. She shared that as a child growing up in Texas, she attended a Sunday School at a Baptist Church. Normally her parents dropped her at the class time and picked her up after the class. One Sunday her parents decided to stay for the service after the class. That Sunday communion was celebrated. She, like her parents, celebrated with the emblems. 

The following week her Sunday School teacher scolded her in anything but a Christian manner in front of all her school friends for taking the emblems and not being a member of the church. Instead of taking Cindy aside and telling her of the love of